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Garold Vallie

Life Maverick • Skakeboarder • Guest Speaker

What Living the Life of Stoke Means

Guest Speaker at Student Assemblies & Events. Garold Vallie | Motivational Keynote Guest Speaker | What does it really take to be successful in today’s fast paced world? What do I need to feel fulfilled and okay with my life? These are questions we ask when we are at a crossroads or face a daunting

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The Life Maverick Tells All

Living the Life of Stoke Skateboarder & Motivational Keynote Guest Speaker Garold Vallie has lived a life of drive, overcoming, and accomplishment. With stories, lessons, and laughter, Garold entices his audience to look within and become the best version of themselves

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Testimonials of Garold Vallie

Testimonials of Garold Vallie “Thank you so much for visiting ‘The Dropout Factory’. With help from great people like you, we are on our way to increasing our Graduation rate by 80%” Randy Dillard United Way of Southeastern Michigan…

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