Professional Skateboarder

Has Competed at the Highest of Levels

Professional Skateboarder

Has Competed at the Highest of Levels

Career Highlights...

X-Games Skateboard Competitor

One of Top Mini-Ramp Riders in World

NBC’s Mobile Skatepark Series Competitor

Won Van’s Warped Tour 2 Years in a Row

Toured with Skate Legend Bill Danforth

Garold Vallie

Skateboarder & Speaker

Garold Vallie is better known as “G” Vallie, a nationally acclaimed professional skateboarder. He was ranked in the top 10 of amateur skateboarders worldwide and has competed in many prestigious international competitions since turning pro, such as the Vans Triple Crown, Vans Warped Tour, Slam City Jam, and Tampa Pro Contest, to name a few.   He has skated alongside legends, Tony Alva, Bill Danforth, Mike Vallely and Steve Cabalerro, all the while earning respect and praise from his peers.  

He has built an amazingly successful career as a pro athlete but beneath the scars, under the tattoos, and beyond the tough, edgy exterior, is the gentle soul of a spiritually evolved man with a huge heart and an enormous appetite for life.  

A hero of extreme games? Yes…. An adrenaline junkie or sorts?

Admittedly so….

However, the life of a pro-skateboarder does not define this G Vallie – he’s a visual artist, musician, hockey player, author, media personality, motivational speaker, and creative mastermind. And that’s just the short list.  

Vallie takes pride in his blue-collar roots, never abandoning the work hard, ‘get your hands dirty mentality’, but he also combines his humble lifestyle with entrepreneurial endeavors.

Garold Vallie is a Professional skateboarder and author who has shared his motivational message at events across the Country. His high-energy blend of humor and inspiration motivates audiences to adopt his ‘Live the life of STOKE! Mantra to elevate their performance in; school, athletics, career and LIFE!

Through stories from his life, Garold presents life lessons that everyone can identify with. From having to where braces on his legs as a child or playing ice hockey all over the world. From reaching the professional ranks on a skateboard to running his first triathlon, Garold gets people inspired with topics like:

  • Overcoming big and small obstacles.
  • Following your dreams and passions.
  • Embracing change, even when it is difficult.
  • Rebounding from disappointment
  • Thinking about who you want to be?      

His presentations combine overcoming life’s hurdles and handling shortcomings. Audience interactions are highlighted by laughter as well as emotional thoughtfulness. Your attendees experience Garold’s STOKED living in an everyday world.

Garold’s life story is a reminder of how all of our stories are similar, how even our smallest actions and decisions impact ourselves as well as the world around us. People walk away with a fresh perspective on what everyday life is supposed to be like.


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