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Testimonials of Garold Vallie

“Thank you so much for visiting ‘The Dropout Factory’. With help from great people like you, we are on our way to increasing our Graduation rate by 80%”

Randy Dillard
United Way of Southeastern Michigan

“Garold is energetic and inspiring. His altruistic attitude permeates everything that he does. This characteristic extends to his career as a professional skateboarder, author, and also to his commitment to inspire others.”

Sarah Flatter
St. Clair Community College

“The Faculty and staff truly appreciate the impact you have made on these students and greatly value the relationship that has been built from your visits.”

Tom Marino
Soddy Daisy Middle School, Chattanooga, TN

“Garold reminds readers to keep their dreams alive, regardless of opposing odds. This book is a testimonial that to achieve anything great requires a belief in hard work, conviction and loyalty. When an individual holds these qualities, nothing can hold them back.”

Darryl English, Vice President
Wolverine Solutions Group

“Sharing moral wisdom of real life experiences absolutely inspires others; Garold’s book, Voluntary Self Achievement, exemplifies how persisting with courage against adversity will build and sustain great character, which gives joy and hope-and all with practical goal achieving applications to individuality.”

Mike Sorge
Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“In a society that values test scores over insight and perception, Garold Vallie makes a connection with young adults, prompting them to achieve success through passion and an enthusiasm for learning.”

Karen Hatton
Licensed Educational Psychologist and School Psychologist

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