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Living the Life of Stoke

Garold Vallie

Skateboarder & Motivational Keynote Guest Speaker

Garold Vallie has lived a life of drive, overcoming, and accomplishment. With stories, lessons, and laughter, Garold entices his audience to look within and become the best version of themselves possible.

Maybe it was having to wear leg braces and correctional shoes as a child? Maybe the giant hearing aids due to being almost completely deaf in one ear? Whatever was the early catalyst, it has given Garold the passion and drive to; compete on a national level as an ice hockey goaltender, produce art work for celebrities, host a radio and television show, as well as skateboard at the professional level. Throughout this amazing journey, there has been one constant motivation; to inspire everyone to live the best life THEY choose.
With so many stereotypes, labels and preconceived ideas of what motivates people, Garold shatters the paradigm with his actions, attitude, and lifestyle which personify who he is… the LIFE MAVERICK.

Traveling the globe, Garold has had the opportunity to inspire and positively influence thousands through his attitude, encouragement, and message. Living the LIFE OF STOKE, is about lighting the flame inside yourself and getting fired up and becoming who YOU want to be.

Having such a positive impact on so many, Garold has decided to bring his unique brand of motivation to you. As Garold says, if you can positively impact 1 person, that energy resonates and touches many more.

Through seminars, audio programs, and books, Garold now offers several ways to facilitate key lessons he has learned on this awesome journey. Easily learned and put into action, Garold’s LIFE OF STOKE mantra is like the giant light bulb turning on both personally and professionally.

Garold is ready to share his fired up message and life experiences with you. His message and seminars can be custom tailored to any function and industry.

Get fired up on the life you choose, and let’s get these wheels rolling together.


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Motivational Keynote Guest Speaker & Skateboarding Mentor & Enthusiast from Detroit MI. Speaking at Student Assemblies & Events all around the USA!
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