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Garold Vallie | Motivational Keynote Guest Speaker

What does it really take to be successful in today’s fast paced world? What do I need to feel fulfilled and okay with my life? These are questions we ask when we are at a crossroads or face a daunting challenge. Personal and professional success starts within each of us and shapes the environment around us. Before we can fix things on the outside, we first need to work on the inside.

Garold Vallie’s mission on this incredible journey is to help people grow and thrive as the best version of themselves possible, and the possibilities are limitless. Garold will STOKE the need within each of us to be the paint as well as the painter of the life we choose to live.

Life on Purpose

• What will it take to be the best YOU?
• The importance of routines
• Power of achievement
• Not being afraid to be ALIVE

Self Esteem

• Being able to smile in the mirror
• Avoiding negative self-talk
• Your impact on the people around you
• Giving yourself credit


• You are 100% in control
• Action not Reaction
• Control your thoughts control your actions
• It’s just plain easier to smile

With his stories, inspiring facts, and personal experiences, Garold delivers a message that will leave you excited, fired up and ready to grow into the life that you deserve. Garold helps pave the way so that everyone has the opportunity to LIVE a LIFE OF STOKE!

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Motivational Keynote Guest Speaker & Skateboarding Mentor & Enthusiast from Detroit MI. Speaking at Student Assemblies & Events all around the USA!
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